2019 Texas Two Step Specialty Show

Posted: January 25, 2018

2019 Texas Two Step Specialty Shows 

Please join us for our 10th annual Texas Two Step specialty show weekend March 15-17, 2019. Visit texasbulldogspecialty.com to enter. We’ll have five shows in three days! 

Show site:
Radisson Hotel Fort Worth South
100 E. Altamesa Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76134
p. (817) 293-3088

Friday, March 15, 2019: 

Bulldog Club of America, Division IV

  • Jr. Showmanship and Conformation Judge: Dr. Clinton Mugurssa

Lone Star Bulldog Club

  • Conformation Judge: Diana Engeszer

Saturday, March 16, 2019:
Lone Star Bulldog Club 

  • Jr. Showmanship and Conformation Judge: Mike Otten

Fort Worth Bulldog Club 

  • Jr. Showmanship and Conformation Judge: James “Jim” Dundas

Sunday, March 17, 2019:

Fort Worth Bulldog Club 

  • Jr. Showmanship and Conformation Judge: Pat Tinsley                                                

Casual Day! Wear your St. Paddy’s Day green AND your favorite Bulldog rescue T-shirt


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Bulldog Popularity

In recent years, the bulldog breed has become increasingly popular for families. We see skateboarding bulldogs on the internet and celebrities walking their pudgy pets. Their demeanor and charisma is entertaining and lovable but bulldogs aren�t for everyone and they require special care and attention compared to other breeds. While bulldog enthusiasts always enjoy meeting and greeting with other bulldog owners, some may wonder if the dog�s popularity is merely a fashionable fad. When deciding to bring a bulldog into your life, there are many important aspects to look for: the quality of the breed, the breeder, the lifestyle of a bulldog, special medical treatment and overall care. The special care and lifestyle of the bulldog is most important but may be the least considered factor among owners who expect an easy to maintain pet, which may lead to a frustrating relationship.

Finding a Bulldog Breeder

Educating the public about inhumane breeding practices is very important to the Lone Star Bulldog Club. It is crucial for potential owners to research the background of the breeder before purchasing a bulldog. Reputable breeders will ask many questions, understand the "bulldog standard" and are often active in the bulldog community. They will readily provide references, and will never breed a dog with known health or genetic conditions. Be leery of backyard breeders who are quick to sell their puppies, have little understanding of bulldog genetics and are rarely involved with local bulldog clubs and shows or the national club (theBCA.org).

Puppy mills sell to pet stores or set up shop at local flea markets. They use sub-standard methods to breed their dogs. While they may offer a less-expensive pet, the dog may have underlying health issues that are a result of poor breeding. Quality breeders have a reputable history and care for the puppies while ensuring they will always have a good home. The Lone Star Bulldog Club does not support puppy mills and we only recommend quality, reputable breeders. Don�t be fooled by less expensive puppies offered at the local pet store or flea-market. Buying a less expensive dog is merely contributing to the supply and demand of the puppy mill and encourages animal abuse. The Bulldog Club of America offers a breeder referral program on their website www.thebca.org.

Because many families are unprepared for the additional care required by bulldogs, many of the dogs are surrendered to animal shelters and rescue groups. The Lone Star Bulldog Club created a rescue organization called the Lone Star Bulldog Rescue specifically to address the needs of surrendered bulldogs. Please visit our "Rescue" link to learn more about rescued bulldogs in the DFW area. Adopting a rescued bulldog will enrich your family and make for one very grateful Bully.

What to Look For?

According to The Bulldog Club of America, there are distinct characteristics to look for when selecting your bulldog. The top of the head should be broad and flat with a broad nose that is deeply set between the eyes, and ears that resemble a rosebud. The muscles of their front legs give the leg a bowed shape, but the legs themselves should be straight. You should look at their profile and see a slight dip in the topline behind the shoulders, turned up lower-jaw as well as a chest that is both deep and full. Their body should be slightly longer than their overall height with features that are perfectly proportioned (Source The Bulldog Club of America). The AKC Standard provides a complete, thorough list of specific characteristics for registered bulldogs, which can be found at http://www.akc.org/breeds/bulldog/.

Special Care

Bulldogs require special care and attention above and beyond some other breeds. Owners should realize that caring for a bulldog will require additional time in their busy schedules. Regular brushing and bathing will keep your bulldog looking and smelling smart. Pay special attention to the folds of their skin on their face, body and the tail pocket. Their skin folds should be cleaned and dried at least two times per week while some bulldogs require daily cleaning to avoid serious infection.

We all know that dogs are man�s best friend and a constant companion but bulldogs typically should not be physically exhausted. Due to the structure of their face and nose, they are unable to cool themselves as easily as other breeds. For this reason, bulldogs are extremely sensitive to the heat and should never be exerted in hot temperatures. Doing so may lead to stroke or death of an otherwise healthy dog. Despite the occasional online video of a surfing bulldog, in general the breed is not suitable for water sports. Bulldogs should never be left unattended in a backyard with a swimming pool. The bulldog's dense body is top-heavy and will quickly drown in an open body of water.

Bulldogs are also sensitive to cold temperatures and as a general rule should be an indoor pet due to their sensitive nature, especially in regions of the country that are susceptible to extreme heat or cold.

Regular trimming of the nails is also required and can be performed at home, by a professional groomer or veterinarian�s office.

Finding a quality bulldog is not a quick process or an impulse buy. Be prepared to spend some time thinking about if the breed is right for your family and learning about the bulldog community in your area. Be patient, do your research and you will have a wonderful companion in your family for many years to come. Browse our site and feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.